Sunday, 19 September 2010

Design Futures & Professional Practice Assignment 1

So third year has already started and I'm getting stuck into my new assignments. This years Design Studies or should I say Design Futures & Professional Practice, seeing as the name has changed, consists of working collaboratively with people from other disciplines within the art school. Could be interesting. Kinda nice to meet other people out with my discipline seeing as I was a direct entry student and don't know many people from other departments.

During our first lecture we were put into seminar groups of about 8. This year these groups seem to be self motivated unlike last year where we actually had a seminar teacher.

So for our first assignment we had to meet up as a group and all pick a different topic from the list given in the previous lecture. We have to then develop our chosen topic into a research report which will eventually be uploaded as a Wikipedia entry on the uni website.

The topic I have chosen is consumer culture and design. Mainly because I found the lecture we had on this pretty interesting. Also it ties up with my current jewellery project as I am looking at how different people perceive and react to things. I've included a photo of the mind map I made on this subject.

The other topics chosen within my group were Branding & design, Climate change & design, Crime & design, Social change & design. We then brain stormed each topic giving each other ideas which hopefully will come in useful when writing our reports.