Monday, 24 January 2011

Semester 2 Design Studies

So semester 2 of my 3rd year at Art School has begun and we're already getting stuck into our assignments. Found it a little bit daunting at my first lecture last Wednesday when our lecturer was outlining all the stuff we have to get through this semester, yikes! And that's not including our studio practice:/ I have a lot of hard work ahead of me!!

So my seminar group met for our first assignment of semester 2. We all had to first take a test to determine what kind of personality we have. We then had to hazard a guess as to what the other people in our group might be. I say hazard a guess cause tbh we don't really know much about each other.

Anyway the different personality types are as follows:


Turns out I am a reflector. Which in a nutshell means that I am more of a listener and a thinker. I do agree with this to a certain extent as I do think things through carefully but I wouldn't say that I am scared to take on challenges or being put in charge. However I also scored high as a activist, which is kinda the opposite to a reflector, and also high as a Theorist, which is again observing and taking things one step at a time.

So I don't know whether that means I'm pretty much balanced. Haha! I'm sure there are a few people out there that would disagree with that statement.

As for the rest of my group it turns out that the majority of them are activists. Which makes us a very unbalanced group I guess.

Catherine was an Activist
Caroline a Reflector but also an Activist
Debbie an Activist
Max a Pragmatist
Kyle an Activist
Grace an Activist
Louise an Activist/ moderate Pragmatist

I only managed to guess about two of them right. I must admit I was a bit surprised at some peoples results as I'd never have put them down as what they came out as. But like I said it just goes to show that we don't really know each other. Something we really need to work at I think.