Thursday, 10 February 2011

Our next assignment for design studies is to come up with a business proposal that provides a product or service that will appeal to a Post consumer. Pretty daunting if you ask me considering that I don't really know much about post consumerism so this should be interesting.

Before coming up with an idea the first step was obviously to come up with a profile of a post consumer i.e what age they are, income, what products or services might they use?

So my group did a bit of brain storming coming up with key points and also individually sourcing several different images that we thought represented post consumerism. We then collated this information in the form of a poster.

This week we all met up and had yet another brainstorming session. We first spoke about the different sustainable companies and products we'd came across and then discussed what ideas we all had for a business. I think we all found it quite difficult coming up with an idea as this is a subject area that many of us are not too familiar with. However we did have a few ideas but the one we decided on was to do with sponsoring an animal. In this case it would be a farm animal i.e a chicken or cow. In return for sponsoring this animal you would get fresh eggs and/or milk.
This is obviously still in the planning stages and for the time being we have all taken on a different roll in researching this. My roll is to look into the ins and outs of how sponsoring works. So next week hopefully when we meet again we'll be able to see whether this idea has a chance of working or not. Otherwise it's back to the drawing board :/