Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Miro inspired brooches

Phew finally got my brooches finished today for my wire project at uni. We had to design and make either a brooch or a neck piece focusing on wire and line.

I choose to design and make two brooches based around a Miro painting. Miro's paintings are very bold and linear so I tried to stick as close to his style as possible. His paintings are also very colourful so I used a mixture of different coloured materials such as silver, copper and brass to try and reflect this.

I also Incorporated the words hopes and dreams into the brooches. I chose the word dreams because Miro's inspiration for many of his paintings often came from his dreams and kept a notebook by his bed so he could record them. As for the word hope well from dreams come hopes or vise verse.

I did originally have a highly polished finished on the brooches but you couldn't see the colours of the different metals very well so I opted for a matt finish which I think works better.

Tomorrow we're going to be getting shown how to photograph our work properly. Will be interesting to see the difference in those photos to the ones I have already taken. Anyway I'll post them as soon as I have them.

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  1. very nice work especially that i am fan of Joan Miro