Friday, 23 October 2009

Brainstorming The Tipping Point

As part of our Design Studies Module we were asked to brainstorm a section of the book The Tipping Point.
My group choose the chapter The Power of Context. These photos show our findings from our brainstorming session.
(Sorry my photos are a bit out of sequence. Haven't managed to figured out how to organise them properly on this yet).
We then had to take this information and individually come up with a spider diagram showing the connection between jewellery design and The Power of Context.
I've also included a picture of the spider diagram I came up with. I chose to focus on ID which then led me into coming up with a bracelet that could hold personal information. It would have a usb memory stick in it and information could only be accessed using a password. If the bracelet was stolen or someone else other than the owner tried to wear it the information on the bracelet would be wiped as it would be able to identify the owners own unique smell.
A little far fetched I'm sure you would agree but we were told to think outside the box and think that anything is possible so hopefully that's what I have done.

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