Friday, 23 October 2009

Tree Teapot

Finally completed my first piece at art school. We had to design and make a vessel drawing inspiration from anything that interested you. I ended up basing my design on nature inparticular trees, bark, leaves,etc. Not the most exciting subject but I think I managed to inject a little bit of humour into my piece.
I decided to make a teapot and tried to make it look like a tree stump.I made it out of copper and then oxidized and used steel wool on it too give the piece a more tree like appearance. I used the idea of tree roots as the feet for the teapot which I think add a little bit of humour. Almost looks like it's going to scurry away.
Have added some photos of various stages of the making process. Hope you enjoy. First one's a bit blurry I'm afraid it was taken with my mobile.

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