Sunday, 7 February 2010

Design Studies Assignment 1

For my first Design Studies assignment this semester we were asked to swap photos of either personal possession or of when we were growing up and then swap them with someone we don't really know. We then had to each in turn analyse these photos trying to figure out what kind of person they/you are and then find out wither we were right or not.
I have to say at first I was not too keen on the idea of some stranger analysing me. I think certain things should be kept private. However I did take part but I chose to submit photos of my possession rather than pictures of me and my family.
The person that I swapped my photos with did a pretty good job I thought. For example she brought up things like I tend to collect things of sentimental value and she also noticed that I like to make a space my own.
The photos that she gave me were of her as a little girl and then as a teenager.I did not do to badly either with her photos. I guessed correctly that she was an outdoorsy type of child, that she lived in the country. Although I thought a farm initially as in one of the photos there was a goat and in another there was lots of fields. However it turns out her parents just happened to have goats and that her cousin lived on a farm.
I also found it interesting that the photos she gave me were only of certain periods of time.i.e when she was a small child and then as a teenager which lead me to believe that these particular periods of time might have been her most happiest.This turned out to be be true.
Although doing this assignment was interesting it still hasn't changed my mind about keeping certain things private,maybe it's just an age thing.I've also kept certain findings from this assignment back as I didn't think they were appropriate to blog about,and to be honest I'm not sure what we are suppose to gain from doing this assignment. I guess if you look at it from a jewellery point of view we could put these techniques of analysing into place when a client commissions a piece of jewellery which would help with the design process.

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