Thursday, 18 February 2010

Design studies assignment 2

For our 2nd Design Studies assignment we were asked to select 3 random images and then ask a selection of people to look at them and come up with a story linking the photos.Above are the 3 photos I chose.

Here are a selection of some of the stories I collected.

Christopher Caraher, 36, Scottish Power engineer

There was a problem . a problem of monumental proportion
in this day and age information is passed between nations at the blink of an eye .
but with the amount of data being transferred in 0 and 1's sometimes you get a three.
this happened in Blackwood estate.
miss smith checked the weather forecast and was glad to see that sun was predicted for the day .
she got her things together and set to make for a shopping trip .
she called her best friend and patted her on the head . her pet dog Vader was her only company in that Old run down house deep in the estate .
She ushered Vader outside and told her " be a good girl and stay near the house" . the hound would wait in the front garden for her master to return .
it was a 7 mile walk into the village at the 5 mile mark there was a public house and with it being a hot day miss smith stopped for her little dram .
6 hours later miss smith blamed the company she had kept and stepped out side to find that the weather had changed and her poor Vader was out side her ramshackle house .
but the worst was to come .
the clouds parted for a moment to her shock there was a full moon . the next full moon was 3 weeks away . she checked online each and everyday.
she panicked and started to run for the safety of her ramshackle house and her best friend Vader .
this must mean the data had been changed .
who ? had done this ?

After doing this we then had to select another image and ask some people again to make up a story about the picture although this time hopefully they would all more or less come up with a similar story.

Ethyl Smith, Alternative therapist

Yesterday while Murphy my dog and I were walking in the wood we came across and tiny old house almost covered by branches. It must have been there for years and yet I'd never seen it before. There was one window with a metal cross piece and no glass and somehow I imagined it like some kind of prison and shivered. Maybe I felt like that because it was such a dark cloudy day and then suddenly the clouds parted and the sun came out and when I looked again the strange house had gone...vanished.

Robert Smith, retired mechanic

Unhappy dog sitting on leaves and the clouds above seem to indicate a storm coming but me and the dog have no intention of sheltering in this strange old building.

Vicky Montgomery, 30, Sales assistant/buyer

My name is Mittens, I am a spaniel. Yes, I know, Mittens is a cat name. But unfortunatley my owners don't care that the other dogs laugh at me. Not that I really know other dogs, because where I live is quite remote. Rural is what the owners call it, I don't like it, Its old and musty smelling, with alot of trees around, and bushes. The bushes scare me though because I can't see whats behind them. One time a smaller kind of animal jumped out at me and chased me, I think it was a squirrel. The owners thought it was cute, but I swear I saw its teeth! They were sharp very scary looking.....That night, when we were back home, I lay looking out of my window, it was quiet. I felt better, because there were no scary animals chasing me, or bad dogs laughing at me. Then I looked up and saw the most bright thing I had ever seen. It was a ball, a big bright and shiny ball. The best looking ball in the world. I stared at it until I fell asleep.

It was quite interesting seeing what people came up with. Some of them went into great detail over the photos and some not. However I was surprised that some of them came up with similar things, such as naming the dog, or commenting on the picture of the house calling it strange.

For the 2nd part of the experiment I had to choose another image but this time see if the people I asked came up with more or less the same story.
I chose an image of a man riding a bull. As predicted most of them came up with the same story. I think the image is pretty self explanatory.

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